Ruby Object "Sensation"

Rough Stone 53.5 kg from Africa
Final weight: 201,500 ct
Size: 21 x 39 x 49 cm
With marble base 30 x 28 x 90 cm high
Total height: 1.68 m

It is nearly impossible that an object like this has ever been created of a rough stone of such size. First it takes a lot of luck even to find this rough stone and then to get it. Secondly it takes a lot of courage to grind such an object, to smoothen and to polish it. Polishing itself is the most difficult working step, as the rough stone has hardness 9 and can only be worked with diamond.

The object is one piece and no "patchwork".

If desired the little obsidian slices can be made of gold in addition with two lines of ruby.

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rubin objekt sensation