Rock-Crystal Vase

with lapis lazuli and jade relief
(unique specimen)

The biggest vase in the world.
It received a certificate from the Guinness Book Of Records.

I arrived to purchase a rock-crystal of 2.6 tons, the biggest stone of most beautiful structure I ever had seen. The length of the crystal was 2.40 m. It took three years to find a way to grind an art object out of this exceptional crystal.

bergkristall utopia4This shows the rock crystal of 2.6 tons out of which the vase was created within three years.

In order to realize the object I had to change the existing machines and to build new tools. The stone was so big and heavy, that the tools for sawing, smoothing and polishing had to be brought to the object and not the other way round like with smaller objects, such as bowls where the cutter takes the bowl to the grinding wheel. That means that – excepted the drilling step which is made with special drilling-machines – all other working steps had to be done by hand (cutting, polishing etc.) with tools, especially constructed for this vase.

After having developed and constructed the tools, it took another three years to finish this crystal vase, unique in the world. The total height, including jade base is 1,20m, the diameter is 58 cm.

The classically and clearly formed vase was partially supported with shape and colour. The solid blue lapis lazuli and the fat green jade body was created with smooth and abstract, however clear lines, nestling into the vase as stretched surfaces.

So the objects gets a happy, even a fresh effect, as light and shadow reinforce the charm of these unique materials.

Wolf 03
bergkristall utopia 1

In the vase there is a blue cloth in order to recognize the crystal's transparency.

bergkristall utopia2

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