Rock-Crystal Falcon Object

Unique in the world

80 x 75 x 133 cm
with 5 different reflections of light

This object is created of a rock-crystal top of unique interior structure. I call it „fingerprint of nature“.

The natural surface remains in its origin and is cut and polished. The falcons themselves are engraved deeply, in order to let appear the plumage and body structure more vivid.

The object stands on a aventurine column with light in its interior.
So the column shines in a emerald green colour. The aventurine slices have a length of 67 x 24 cm and are of one piece only, that means of 30tons rough stone you find one piece of 500 kg without flaws.

The rock-crystals gets a colour reflection of five various colours always changing in the structure of the stone.
If you have a look at it, it looks like Thousand And One Night.

The socle and the cabochons are of red jasper.

If wanted the small golden falcons at the upper edge (bond) can be totally set with diamonds against supplementary charge.

bergkristall falkenobjekt

IMG 3344 2


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