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by R. Hörgens (Gallerist)

Helmut Wolf, artist born in 1940, creator of jewelry bowls and art objects, certainly can be placed on a level with Lalique and Fabergé. These three rank as the best of their guild in their own lifetime. They achieved unbelievable things and enlarged famous collections and royal houses. A very important precondition for creating these art objects is sensibility for working, patience, preparation to take high risks and an enormous persistence. Only for grinding the pair of bowls out of a 600 kg heavy rough stone, 2 ½ years work was necessary. Besides fame, this work brought a listing in the Guinness Book Of Records to Helmut Wolf.

What does a person drive to such unbelievable efforts, who had been awarded at that time with numerous state and art prizes? To make the impossible true is the only possible answer. Really he exceeded himself again and again with many further work.

“I wish to have signs of my life which fascinate the observer as I am fascinated of exhibitions of former epochs.”

Helmut Wolf refuses with a winking a list of his dates and hymns of praise for his work, because it is too early for an obituary.

Besides numerous “dream-bowls” however I wish you to pay attention for the jade fountain with dolphins and the lapis lazuli bowl with 8 horses, relief carved. During a state visit in Saudi Arabia, Sheik Chalid handed a Wolf bowl over to Queen Elizabeth II.

All objects are of extraordinary dimension, a symbiosis of natural and artistic creation and excellent manual skills.

During a working time of months the gem objects are sawed, cut and polished in 12 different working steps.