Lapis lazuli goblet

- Generation - with 8 horses inside engraved, diamond eyes, and rock crystal, symbol for sea

Model: with gold and precious stone

50 x 38 x 32 cm

220 kg rough, country of origin Afghanistan

A two pieces oval Lapis bowl of exceptional size and beauty is sitting on a Lapis base connected by a gold plated silver frame.


The inside of the thin bowl is a scenery of horses carved in fine relief style. The composition symbolizes the cycle of a horse-life.

A mare with its foal is standing for breeding, followed by a herd of colts, standing for youth, galloping towards the uprising stallion standing 

for leadership and continuing offspring.


The composition is surrounded by a simple goldplated silver rim. A Lotus ornament is engraved in the base symbolizing endurance and the eternal circle of life.

IMG 3763 neu

generation neu

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