Welcome to Helmut Wolf!

Helmut Wolf, who has already been familiar with gems and the associated processing techniques in his early childhood, learned the trade of a gem cutter according to the ancient tradition at the historical “Weiherschleife” institute of Idar-Oberstein.
At the age of 28, when he was setting up his own atelier, he soon began to leave the traditional ways of forming gem vessels behind in order to tread his own path of creative work.

His work comprises items having mat and polished surfaces, cut extremely thin, with the crust left in its natural shape or the host mineral specifically emphasized. These characteristics render his exhibits unique, which distinguish themselves by a fascinating beauty and a high degree of sensitivity as regards the stone material.

But the road leading to an artistically formed vessel is an arduous one. You can therefore imagine Helmut Wolf’s indescribable joy when he holds a finished bowl in his hand and lightly touches the so very finely shaped rim with his left thump nail and hears a clear full tone filling the room.

In 1972, Helmut Wolf has already been awarded the newly created state prize of the Rhineland Palatinate. His creations have won him various prizes time and again, for instance, the first prize on the occasion of the international gemstone competition at Idar-Oberstein in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1984. Never resting, always trying to find new creative forms and ways to reveal the secret beauty of the individual gem in each vessel – these are the traits typical of Helmut Wolf, a gem designer in the third generation.

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